Rinne no Ame as Kouhei Mikami

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Смотрю по фуджи 1 серию Rinne no Ame as Kouhei Mikami, в главных ролях Ямамото Юске, Сето Кодзи. Сето играет слабоумного парня, а Юске его брат, и там какие то семейные проблемы... пока это все что поняла. Так жалко Сето :weep3:. Он тут коротко подстрижен, и вообще не сразу узнала. По жанру тянет на семейную драму, трагедию. :weep2:

Title: Rinne no Ame
Released: 4 January 2010
Producer: Nakano Toshiyuki
Director: Namiki Michiko
Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Yamamoto Yusuke
Seto Koji
Kanjiya Shihori
Aoki Munetaka
Tezuka Satomi
Nagai Masaru

The protagonist Mikami Kouhei (Yamamoto Yusuke) is abandoned by his father after mother passed away. He lives together with his mentally disabled younger brother Shuhei (Seto Koji), who is working in factory where he is abused by manager on daily basis. When older brother finds it out manager threatens to report about disturbance to police. Kouhei then kills the manager and with a help of Shuhei they bury the corpse at the mountain. When police start to investigate the matter detectives Tokunaga (Nagai Masaru) and Aoki (Aoki Munetaka) start to suspect Mikami brothers because Shuhei is speechless. Shuhei is taught about [arranged murder] and persuaded that [bad people can start a fresh life with doing good things] but the stress from not accepting that the brother is killer becomes the deciding factor to speak with police.


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Morning Sky
и ее будет переводить а. *тьфу*))

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Morning Sky Ну, что и ожидалась... мне их жаль... такими темпами они себя загонят! :laugh:


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